August 6, 2009

Panchamrutha as Naivedya / ಪಂಚಾಮೃತ

Pancha means five, amruta means a drink of gods, nectar. Panchamruta has 5 ingredients and is made as an offering to God. (Naivedyam) There is not much recipe to this, all you have to do is just mix the ingredients.

Servings: As this is a rich drink, it is made in small quantities and given sparingly :) So 1 small bowl of panchamrutha like that in the picture should be sufficient for 2 people.

1/4 cup - milk / ಹಾಲು
1 tbsp - yogurt /curd / ಮೊಸರು

1 tsp - sugar / ಸಕ್ಕರೆ
1/2 tsp - honey / ಜೇನು ತುಪ್ಪ
1/2 tsp - ghee / ತುಪ್ಪ
few pieces of banana, raisins, cashews /ಬಾಳೆ ಹಣ್ಣು, ದ್ರಾಕ್ಷಿ, ಗೋಡಂಬಿ (optional)

Take a small bowl, pour the ingredients one by one into it. mix it nicely. Panchamrutha is all ready. Hold on , don't drink it yet. You have to first offer it to God as naivedya, wait till the pooja is over. Then only you can take it as prasada.

Usually we do most pooja on empty stomach, so after the pooja is over, Panchamrutham is a great delicious, energizing drink

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Anonymous said...

it is relly helpfull for the ppl who want to please God wth their homemade prasad..thnx